Urban Strategies Postgraduate Program

Bruno Juricic

Ph.D Candidate, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), under the advisor, Sylvia Lavin M.Sc in Urban Strategies, Angewandte Kunst Vienna, cum laude, under program head, Professor Wolf Prix B.Sc, in Architecture, University of Architecture Venice IUAV (Italy).

BRUNO JURICIC is architect, curator and scholar in the field of architecture, art and technology. He received the Bachelor's degree from Istituto Universitario di Archittetura di Venezia, and studied as guest student at the TU Berlin in 1999. In 2007 He finished with excellence his Master of Science 's degree in Urban Strategies at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna under the auspices of Wolf Prix.
Currently, he is a Ph.D candidate at the Department of Architecture at the University of California Los Angeles working under Sylvia Lavin. His research is entitled, The “Unbound Architecture”: “Was Everything Architecture?”. The aim of the dissertation is to create a genealogy, from post WWII to the contemporary era, of architecture that is engaged with questions about the relation between art and architecture, and how architecture used “installation art” as a medium to engage with questions of environment – through both physical and non-physical means. In 2010 Bruno Juricic was also a selected scholar for the Getty Research Institute Seminars in Architecture and Design in Los Angeles.
In 2010, Bruno Juricic founded a private institute of architecture in Croatia called MLAUS (Mediterranean Laboratory for Architecture and Urban Strategies). The mission of MLAUS is to carry out research and developmental work in the field of architecture and urban planning, and to promote economic activity by linking public and private sectors in the way of public interest, which is implemented through the use of academic knowledge and skills. The strategic importance of the project was acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture and Foreign Affairs, which invited him to talk about the future of regional and urban development at the EU Committee for Regional Development in Brussels in 2011.

In 2011, as CEO of the institute MLAUS, Bruno Juricic started the  international summer symposium series entitled “Proto/e/co/logics.” The symposium, co-curated with Alisa Andrasek (Biothing), aims to tease out speculative directions for architecture beyond innocent and reductive approaches to ecology. The list of participants includes names such as Sanford Kwinter, Patrik Schumacher, Hernan Diaz-Alonso, Marc Fornes, Philipe Morel, Michael Meredith, Keller Easterling, Lucy McRae, Philippe Morel, and Sylvia Lavin, just to name a few.

Juricic’s projects have been presented at Piaggio Foundation (Pisa), Museum of Modern Art (Ljubljana), Biennale Miami, Far Eastern Memorial Foundation (Taipei), Institute Angewandte Informationstechnik Vienna, International Conference of Generative Art (Politecnico di Milano) and at Utopia Station at the 50th Venice Biennial.





Bruno Juricic
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